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Conference Talks

Online Scrum dot Org Webinar
June 20th 2023: 

Roland Flemm and Alexey Krivitsky sharing their recent insights and discoveries.


0:05 Introductions

4:00 Org Desing as a management tool

6:01 What is Org Topologies, the First Wave of Agile

6:45 The horizontal Axis: team autonomy

18:00 Scaling Scrum: Cageing the Cheetah

20:50 The Second dimension: Product ownership

34:18 The magic of Product driven org design

38:35 Summary of the two Waves

40:48 How: growing toward higher Archetypes

44:54 The Product Understanding Gap

46:25 Navigating your transformation journey with Org Topologies™

48:00 Mapping SAFe

54:00 Examples stories

56:00 Creating B-level Archetypes

59:27 Closing

Online Meetup February 9th 2023: 

Roland Flemm and Alexey Krivitsky sharing their recent insights and discoveries.


0:05 Introductions

4:30 Discovering the X

9:30 Discovering the Y

19:00 Discovering the Archetypes

24:30 Discovering framework mapping (SAFe, Spotify, Team Topologies)

30:50 Discovering LeSS anchoring

40:00 Discovering Elasticity & Cohesion

46:22 Discovering Org VS. Team Duality

55:40 Discovering Ecosystems

1:02:40 Welcoming Case Studies

1:05:55 Group Activity and Discussions

1:23:50 Org Topologies™ for a case study @Poster

1:28:50 Questions and final thoughts

Regional Scrum Gathering, Serbia 2022

In Belgrade Serbia, we introduced new mapping techniques: mapping the whole product understanding in teams (from tasks to business objectives), mapping frameworks like SAFe, Team Topologies, Spotify and LeSS.

Scrum Day Europe, Amsterdam 2022

In Amsterdam we changed the approach for introduction Org Topologies™ by showing the correlation between the value a framework brings in relation to the number of framework elements. And we conclude that in a world without frameworks, we would have to start thinking again for ourselves! This will make employees own their transformation instead of renting it.

Agile Prague 2022
"Organizational Topologies™: your roadmap towards an innovative, resilient and adaptive product development organization"

Previous and Planned Conferences

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