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Organizational Topologies as a map for your agile transformation


With Org Topologies, change agents (leaders and coaches) of your organization can improve the fit between the business strategy and the organizational design.

Org Topologies offers a powerful thinking and communication tool for assessing the state of your change efforts and refining your transformation roadmap.

Invite Roland Flemm and Alexey Krivitsky, the creators of the Org Topologies, to facilitate a 4-hour in-company workshop to lay down the transformation path using the Org Topologies maps.


  • Review and communicate the vision of the agile transformation

  • Consider the value of an organizational optimizing goal

  • Envision the possible future states of the organization
  • Assess the progress of the change efforts
  • Map the change journey and next steps using the Archetypes of Org Topologies

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your current agile practices


2500 Euro per group of 12 participants, 4 hours.

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