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Workshop Simulations

We are offering an experiential and immersive way to learn the ideas behind Org Topologies in workshop simulations.

Facilitated by founders: Alexey Krivitsky & Roland Flemm.

Based on lego4scrum.

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Workshop Format

  • 4 - 8 hours

  • 20% lecturing / 80% simulations

  • 20 - 140 participants

  • simulation with paper, LEGO and other materials


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  1. The essence of innovative, adaptive and resilient organizations

  2. Overview of organizational archetypes attempting scaled development

  3. Dynamics of component teams and component development

  4. Practices of autonomous, independent teams splitting work

  5. Essence and challenges of scaling frameworks (SAFe, Spotify, etc.)

  6. Essence and challenges de-scaling frameworks (LeSS, LeSS Huge)

  7. Practices of interdependent teams sharing work

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Let's discuss the details:

Email us at with a "Workshop" subject.

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