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Designing Agile Ecosystems: 4.5-hours of self-paced videos with case-studies, quizzes, interviews

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This online course lets you embark on a journey to master the fundamental principles of Org Topologies™. This course is a video-based program that consists of about 35 lessons with a total of 4.5 hours of running time. ABOUT ORG TOPOLOGIES™ Org Topologies™ is a framework-agnostic visual approach to communicate the direction of organizational development for digital product development and beyond. Come and learn with us. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN Language: You will learn to use the visual language of Org Topologies™. Goal: This toolset will help you assess, design, and sustain the direction of your organization's development. Practical: Case studies, experience reports, and exercises help you master these org design mapping techniques. Adaptivity: This course will help you to leverage your organization's adaptivity. COURSE DETAILS This course will help your organization to stay relevant for its customers in the long run. Alexey Krivitsky and Roland Flemm, creators of Org Topologies™, will show you how to apply Org Topologies™ maps to assess and improve the design of your development organization. The material contains exercises and guidance on how Org Topologies™ can be applied to drive real change Format: Self-paced online Instructors: Alexey Krivitsky & Roland Flemm Course length: 35 video lessons Total runtime: ~4.5 hrs Approximate time to invest: 2 weeks of daily self-paced education Recommended reading: Org Topologies™ Primer





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