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Org Topologies™ Consulting Company Accreditation

Master the skills to guide your clients in their agile and digital transformation journeys.

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The goal of this accreditation level (C-OTCO) is to train and mentor a group of your company's consultants/coaches to become an accredited and reliable partner in guiding organizational change of your clients with the Org Topologies™ body of knowledge.


  1. have an in-depth understanding of principles and practices of the Org Topologies™ approach

  2. have a shared toolkit to address key clients' challenges with the Org Topologies™ approach

  3. enrich your company's offering with org assessment and design techniques

  4. upskill your coaches/consultants with org design capabilities

  5. receive access to a broad set of material on consulting organizational change initiatives


This program is for a consulting company that is willing to create a dedicated group of coaches/consultants (8 or more people) who are committed to dive into the Org Topologies™.


This accreditation program consists of an educational part based on the Org Topologies™ Practitioner class (OTP) followed by a series of mentorship sessions.

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