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Mo., 03. Juli



Meetup, Munich: Drive the second wave of the Agile Revolution with #OrgTopologies

Meetup, Munich: Drive the second wave of the Agile Revolution with #OrgTopologies

Time & Location

03. Juli, 19:00 – 21:00 MESZ

München, Friedenheimer Brücke 29, 80639 München, Germany


About the event

Join Roland Flemm and Alexey Krivitsky for this in-person meetup in Munich.

Learn our framework-agnostic approach for creating innovative, resilient and adaptive large-scale product development organizations.

Some say: "Agile is dead!" Is it? Or has it been downgraded to mean team-level agility? Today’s solutions create tomorrow’s problems. By focusing on team-level agility, organizations have created the need for scaling. Scaling is a problem. It is not a solution. It is a self-inflicted issue caused by a lack of system thinking.

Others say: "Business agility is the new path!" But is there "another agility"? Hasn't agility always been for the benefit of everyone: developers, customers, and managers? For the whole business? The fact that we need something like business agility is a symptom of failure.

At Org Topologies, we don’t believe that agile is dead or that business agility is the new focus. We believe there is a need to revive the agile revolution: Ride the second wave of it! We shall focus on both in-team and inter-team collaboration.

We need to embrace value-creating ecosystems by looking from the outside in, organizing around value, and creating strong cohesion with teams of teams.

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